• v1.0.8 - released this: 2021-03-30T20:39:59Z


    336d868 change ssl postgres default value to require require - Always SSL (skip verification) 1e77b7e generate pREST version 1.0.8

  • v1.0.7 - released this: 2021-03-30T16:26:36Z


    2e14c7a change binary name in helper was with the old name from: prest to: prestd 20d577f change branch to main on travis-ci 1dab14f change travis-ci domain .org to .com fa4c3b2 declare prefix in messages generated at the entrypoint assist in problem identification aae5f32 generate pREST version 1.0.7 - clear docker image - replace branch master to main - hugo version upgrade eeca3b6 moved prestd bin to /bin the distribution of prest as docker must be at the binary level and not the application level, so we move prestd to the bin folder of the operating system 3f80a4d remove README and LICENSE file of subpackages legacy of when pREST used multi repositories 4987868 rename master to main branch ref: 0cbb24e set hugo version 0.82.0

  • v1.0.6 - released this: 2021-03-30T12:19:23Z


    21cc631 Basic instruction to see the project works 362494c Bump from 1.2.0 to 1.3.0 e427be6 Bump from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1 b754fe3 Bump from 1.9.0 to 1.10.0 90e5221 Bump from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 (#506) be04cfd Bump from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 4e042f6 Migration instruction 7ef5a90 Remove patreon funding f959d00 Upgrade sourcelevel badge 2f11d06 chore: update release version b1c9a85 docs: add homebrew badge de52b69 generate pREST version 1.0.6 14f135f prepare production version of docker compose file 51bad00 put prestd file (bin) on git ignore file f7c4c44 update doc template repo name 78a6041 upgrade homebrew badget name prest to prestd b4d6284 upgrade homebrew package name ref: c37bed1 writing how to test and develop env pREST to simplify the testing of prest and developer input I am putting more content in the readme

  • v1.0.5 - released this: 2021-01-14T22:55:22Z


    cc7c500 301 to in the project maintainers (mainly open source) we dream of having a .com or .org domain we were able to register the domain 886a3e5 Added new Integrations section to documentation and added new (#485) 765d5f9 Auth: grant access to the endpoint when in the whitelist (#481) 6aef8fd Combine multiple appends into a single call 153da6a Fix admin bug report labels (#483) c34b2a3 Fix script name (#484) 1d971e6 Fix support hyphen in dbname fixed: #446 01475d9 Give better visibility on the standard queries page e6a4244 JWT white list support 69e8613 access ignore table configuration (#482) 5a646f5 added body and basic auth support 1517da3 basic documentation about the jwt token generating endpoint /auth d224ca8 chenage jwt whitelist from string to slice (array) (#479) 548041c clear struct tag on JWTWhiteList b912fac create dependabot file ffdc344 create go mod in cmd/prestd folder 3b69be8 docs improvement configurations md style idents 9bb0a56 feat: implement auth jwt validation token 845487b fixed SQL against the ANSI syntax error at or near “-” 7accdb7 fixed auth table on main testdata cb83e71 fixed batch table name set sufix -test 96047b5 fixed config package 9b677c3 fixed dbname on config parse test 0c8d4c1 fixed gofmt 2df3445 fixed title level on auth docs 48e67ec fixed typo 111db3c fixed typo: missing ‘,’ before newline in composite literal 75e38fd fixed url match validation logic 3842962 force git checkout on goreleaser by tag b2f8b5f full text search documentation 534a2c4 improve description of authentication documentation f80e8c1 initial test to tsquery df330a4 isolate jwt claims fixed: import cycle not allowed in test c75bf67 make image size smaller 6bd9849 not check match url allow (#478) f646e76 remove .vscode folder 5535a5c rename all database prest to prest-test on _test.go b6a83b7 run migrate up auth on tests 8572345 set dbname with hyphen 4c7e310 set table patter on testdata toml 3fb612a starting implementation tsquery filter fixed #486 3e8451d type name will be used as auth.AuthClaims by other packages and that stutters; consider calling this Claims 61b142c unify go module files (#474) 7e70316 update testify to 1.4.0 31f8b41 upgrade go dependence modules ab086a5 upgrade pREST long description 165c1f8 use jwt-go fork by @form3tech-oss ee3ec42 use prefix in the standard table of the prest fc06611 use string on create database dbname script 129704a use the schema to create the table prest_users the database is deleted from each test group performed ac068d6 user field will be username if our user (developer) wants to store email no problem, but we can not leave some places with email name and others as username

  • v1.0.4 - released this: 2020-09-14T20:32:51Z


    452f88e Add port 6000 blockage infomation to configurations toml (#26) 6275fb0 Added PREST_PG_DATABASE var and network param (#36) ef5bc0c Create LICENSE (#37) f5d55c2 Fixed pREST logo on readme file 220e769 Include the explanation of debug mode (#31) 33c90f0 Update 9bb986c Update incorrect table name attribute (#33) 8628e65 Update e0a10d1 Update netlify.toml 7a38559 [ImgBot] Optimize images (#35) dcd55a2 add PREST_CONF environment var (#34) 000cf87 add example for separated configuration for read and write 3412ea6 add heroku 1-click deploy on readme a987afd add tcp port wait on docker entrypoint fixed: #399 0aadd85 bug issue template: before reporting bug certifies a52c804 clear dockerfile empty file 642ce43 clearing old names forgotten in some files bb86cca clearing old names forgotten in some files f3745ea create compose by pREST docker image 19566cd create issue template to admin project 148c468 create issue template to admin project 7ab0c71 create releases page c3e1b86 delete old issue template 28871ed docs: fixed example custom middlewares 55e96a7 documentation HTTP PORT env refs: 8b2fda1 enabling code scanning cea2952 fixed typo bug label 126834a fixed typo bug label 978df02 godocs documentation url 360f542 implemented endpoint to table description (/show/…) (#414) 70ceec3 include gitter sidecar on documentation (#27) c55cbed initial doc build 317a45e installment doc page (#39) c963cb9 list endpoint /show on docs (#434) 4e6db61 merge docs content (md) to main repo 0057b47 merge docs content (md) to main repo 2467abc move docker login to releaser script 7d1b5c1 new logo (#38) ba44af4 not build generate on travis 2333233 not use travisci on hugo doc render d14cbee put comnetario in custom template to be clear dc3e983 put comnetario in custom template to be clear bd82ef1 query statement ilike operation (#23) 33f962c query-statements: fixed typo on ## GROUP BY cfa0f1f refactor migrate commands (#430) d297ac9 remove codetriage badge d95cc51 remove docbuild folder if exist on netlify deploy af6e41e rename api server issue template set prefix api server 15e29bc rename api server issue template set prefix api server 133f291 rename oneclick heroku repo to prest-heroku a453f13 report database URL configuration in documentation refs - - 897d891 set coveralls button on d9d3ebc set docker registry path (#432) 033bf64 set hugo version 0.74.3 37e3ee8 set issue templates bf94895 set label on feature issue template 859cd99 set new pREST highlight description 11c950e set string on issue template about field 1a82648 set version 1.0.4 a40e0e8 site build by day 34ba3b0 template: split used example (#28) 6584998 travis PR: check TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST before exec goveralls 7c3cf2b update example prest as web framework 4fa6afe upgrade editURL (#29) a9b8c07 upgrade gitter webhook 6a4534f use github action to rebuild dynamic pages 405975b used netlify to generate hugo build

  • v1.0.3 - released this: 2020-08-16T20:08:40Z


    2870dc8 active cgo 445e3f1 clear arch type c676e1c create docker image tag by git tag name ce697d7 create docker tag v1 to git tag name 84042ba deploy via sh script 18d439d docker build on travis skip goreleaser docker 41f2ec2 docker: use CMD not ENTRYPOINT to run prestd fad44fa drop *bsd support be169b8 drop netbsd support I’ll make an issue of correcting this problem 7ccce41 fixed docker build cmd eb757b3 fixed typo folder builder bin f259d97 generate docker image latest on script travis build 66dbf31 go releaser ignore netbsd arm64 89c7a1d goreleaser check first “test” a4b446f ignore prestd bin d63ccb1 ignore windows i386 d20c3f2 install gcc-multilib on travis before 86b6400 link external and -static fdaf6a3 move prestd to /app folder it’s not good pattern to keep at the root of the system ca6e694 remove arm support cfd6c9c remove docker build on goreleaser a7ece54 remove netgo tag 361bdfc reset build flags cd28524 set cgo off 687c2c0 set flag netgo tags bd49ff9 set ldflags -s -w on release ref: #391 location: 18f0c5e set os/arch on docker build 157f48c set varenv CGO_ENABLED 5a527af set version 1.0.3 d4f6bbe travis test goreleaser on script 455fc5b use bash to run deploy script

  • v1.0.2 - released this: 2020-08-14T21:02:48Z


    05da905 remove travis build go version 1.10 at 1.13 we are unpackaged software, we need to maintain compatibility with the most current version of Go b12898d gorelease set latest and major image 3ac35d5 gorelease ignore darwin 386 111c356 use go 1.15.x to deploy (release) 43a466f travis go 1.15.x support d6c11ef fixed yaml ident 99aef76 docker image auto push to dockerhub by goreleaser

    Docker images

    • docker pull prest/prest:v1.0.2
    • docker pull prest/ptest:v1
    • docker pull prest/prest:latest

  • v1.0.1 - released this: 2020-08-05T09:47:18Z


    08c93e1 refactor: remove assert package 77843fd chore: fix package name 09bc472 chore: add test dependency 6a254cc prest/adapters: upgrade mod by tidy eb122bd avoid panic on tx.commit calls (#55) e3f1bf9 Merge pull request #385 from prest/increase_coverage a544581 pass gofmt on files ad4abcf test: increase middlewares code coverage 1596ccd test: fix var name c9f1153 test: add test ‘empty’ methods 4ad58fa test: increase postgres/formatters coverage 3762b95 refactor: remove unused code 1b19436 test: increase config coverage 8462aba test: increase coverage in template/funcregistry

  • v1.0.0 - released this: 2020-08-03T20:15:57Z


    d982702 force install inconshreveable/mousetrap 0a2ef40 fixed typo branch master 41e7430 travisci: set deploy on master branch 9504c3c gorelease docker img generate remove baby step b3e0365 docker image by goreleaser ad4a2d7 fixed docker image 94d76b0 goreleaser checker 312cac8 Merge pull request #384 from prest/avelino/more-go-version e75a3f7 add support go 1.1[3-4] on travis build - 1.13.x - 1.14.x b871f8e Merge pull request #382 from prest/coveralls_switch 2179774 chore: add coverage badge do readme 4bd1fe3 chore: switch codecover to coveralls d84c8e2 chore: ignore coverage.out file 4b08c17 Merge pull request #379 from prest/avelino/upgrade-gomodules 94cf6e8 upgrade and generate all gomodule files 07cc1b6 fix main file path in Goreleaser (#377) 565f3bc fixed goreleaser ldflags merge repository 44717ed Merge pull request #375 from prest/viveksyngh/ssl-to-migrate-command-prest/cmd 1b0ba9e Merge into viveksyngh/ssl-to-migrate-command-prest/cmd 86fce87 Merge pull request #370 from prest/avelino/repositories-merge 8523763 fix: remove id and add empty return to tests be80132 chore: add missing table 4b0a8c4 fix: controllers tests 994c8ac fix: prest tables permissions b6590dd fix main.go path ab75aca chore: install dependencies 0f03183 chore: remove GO111MODULE 4d4194b pass gofmt on files 0a80569 rename ConnectionPool to Pool 13a85ca add comment to exported const fae586a update packages path 37dd02b create submodules 0b3e63d update internal modules f7ea135 fix cmd and config path 525fc3a delete cmd vendor 15ceb2a Add ssl certs to migrate command URL d09190e initial migration mono repo 27384f7 Merge commit ‘2eab00b’ into avelino/repositories-merge 2eab00b Moved entire subrepo into transactions 00fe9b3 Merge commit ‘faad30f’ into avelino/repositories-merge faad30f Moved entire subrepo into helpers c21404a Merge commit ‘a9224b1’ into avelino/repositories-merge a9224b1 Moved entire subrepo into template 99a4ffa Merge commit ‘491832a’ into avelino/repositories-merge 491832a Moved entire subrepo into config 5a872ae Merge commit ‘5b6e7ad’ into avelino/repositories-merge 5b6e7ad Moved entire subrepo into controllers 49a1d62 Merge commit ‘0ab9ab5’ into avelino/repositories-merge 0ab9ab5 Moved entire subrepo into middlewares 2d98d85 Merge commit ‘7a7b49c’ into avelino/repositories-merge 7a7b49c Moved entire subrepo into dbtime 322a73c Merge commit ‘41b8d44’ into avelino/repositories-merge 41b8d44 Moved entire subrepo into cmd 57152cc Merge commit ‘30edd8a’ into avelino/repositories-merge 30edd8a Moved entire subrepo into adapters fe782dc Group function alias names (#53) 7200b74 Set default database on Custom Query (#22) 25fb4a6 allows user to overlay the middlewares (#16) 8a78bee Database url fix (#26) ae0e543 add split func on template (#5) 53750aa Do not add stmt in cache if use transaction (#52) 75b2d0c treats if load postgres adapter (#14) a5c1719 Merge pull request #15 from joelmdesouza/statements e93a6db Update JWT token never expires 5ced9ec Update JWT never expires f5a8ae7 Return 404 response for inserts,updates and deletes (#21) 632dbd5 Update jwt token TestJWTSignatureOk 0202572 Update testdata 6ec4bdd Move the statements package into the middlewares package f657f41 added missing GetTransaction on mock 080ab42 Merge pull request #25 from prest/issue_333 fa41397 cloud factor support: PORT to http port ref b7f47eb Implements transaction (#51) b69fb39 Returning (#20) 619b861 from os/user to (#24) 94d74c9 bugfix: “select by field” don’t work when permissions is not set (#50) c656d56 adds and normalizes debug messages to display SQL clause and query result d3da479 unescape url before to send it to database (#4) 24a9991 added ilike support (#49) e384ae0 fix some lint errors 8d07860 database connection url support (#23) 8574708 update field permission to allow multiple config and operations (#48) c90158c delete messages (#22) 2ec5fe9 mark functions as test helpers (#47) d1de3d3 load driver when start the server (#13) 0181674 TablePermissions respect prest conf (#46) 07dcf60 change way to show version so goreleaser can understand dd2292c add configuration warnings (#12) 2defca4 remove warning about public configurations (#21) c877df1 check if database is available (#45) 361ea77 Merge pull request #18 from prest/fix_insert_statuscode 12c95a5 update tests 8132088 returns status 201 instead of 200 in insert 87c3ca6 fix batch return 7244bc3 Revised batch insert (#17) 396261d Add BatchInsertInTables to make inserts with batch (#11) a680d0f Batch insert (#16) ce51108 fix when is not a slice d0ed757 Merge pull request #3 from prest/script-slice ea558e5 fix typo 114c56a add 1.10 to travis f55a7d0 add supprt to slice on scripts 7080d6f Implement support for JWT algos (#14) 25c7971 remove go 1.7 support 7073425 Add JWT-algo configuration (#20) 806e64a sqlx stop support go 1.7 so prest stops too (#10) 03ddc99 Statements encapsulate (#15) 44e1a99 first commit 721f801 Merge pull request #14 from joelmdesouza/master a0b6be8 Adjusted UpdateTable for compatibility with other Adapters ad78673 Refactoring to use SQL Adapter Methods (#13) fed004c Merge pull request #9 from negbie/master 2f8d6d7 Add HTTPHost to basic config struct (#18) 4f927b8 Listen on HTTPHost:HTTPPort 38910f4 Merge pull request #7 from prest/remove-unnecessary-else a7ff18e remove unnecessary else b1622cb Merge pull request #6 from RekGRpth/master 1a9f774 Merge pull request #17 from RekGRpth/master 87852e6 go fmt a07d4aa https 3739ad5 https 04c51f2 escape url (#5) f8b5c7f fix file mandatory (#16) 9e61e2d update version 2bb7a41 Merge pull request #11 from tiaguinho/master e7a564d add allowCredentials header to every request ada59db return allowed origin for every method b5d873e Config file (#15) 6ab32d8 gae support as a framework (#4) 2389a79 configurable context path (#14) b7c5947 Support access to all databases in PostgreSQL cluster (#10) 5e4eebe add ssl mode (#3) 9665a52 add ssl configurations (#13) 0d568c2 Joel`s conflicts and merge manuali (#11) 6d97a19 restructuring for use of more than one database adapter / middlewares (#8) 6605499 restructuring for use of more than one database adapter / config (#7) bfca151 Merge pull request #12 from prest/cache_disable 1c44366 add config to disable cache stmt b07db21 enable to customize jwt (#10) 23df0f5 jwt default implementation (#11) 4ed30c6 Merge pull request #2 from andrewsmedina/master da90437 add Go 1.9 in travis platforms 14bc08e fix cors implementation (#9) e55ed9a Support Distinct function in query (#9) de23d7b Use SQL file to load database structure (#1) 424bf75 Use SQL file to load database structure (#8) b76ca93 readme better 5a54eef Fix initApp that was initialize every time (#7) 06c3a14 improving support for CORS by handling preflight request and configurable allowed headers header (#6) 9c37a72 Merge pull request #5 from prest/fix/middlewares_import 43a41b5 Fix middlewares package import 4890cf7 Merge pull request #2 from prest/fix/middlewares_import 98c3a86 Add initial travis file 3475713 Fix middleware import 7df0c79 Merge pull request #5 from prest/feature/badges 7b0f398 Add status badges b1923dc Merge pull request #4 from prest/capital 9bbb983 remove dot 419d432 remove capital d1d7c04 Move config/middlewares to simply config.go on middlewares (#3) 19c7291 wrapper names with " (#4) 10cd2ac subindo dbtime 5e3ebb9 Initial commit 30f9da5 Add travis.yml file 06e8979 Merge pull request #2 from prest/fix_renderFormat_function 4bb1282 ad travis f7d18d4 Merge pull request #1 from prest/improvements/refactor-cmd 6515e51 Merge 7e67e95 Initial commit 7ef50e3 Refactor cmd package c834e8f Merge 6c5b23e Initial commit 91528fd Merge ede1fc9 Initial commit fc70b77 fix cors (#183) 55606d9 Migrate via gopkg (#165) 62d8edf prevent more than load when use pREST as a module (#155) c44c1b9 implement funcs to help scripts (#152) 8029060 Prevents multiple startup when the pREST is used as a package. (#139) 6556055 set new release 0.1.7 87a5433 fix config propagate for all commands (#136) 089c60e Refactoring to prevent multiple configuration loads (#131) 6db6eb5 set new release 0.1.6 5ca7ee9 set new release 0.1.5 0cb1289 Added version command line (#125) 8df2085 Added version command line (#125) 69b40d3 possibility to reorder (#120) 2320a8f enable add custom middleware (#117) ca84150 show error if have error in config file (#115) ecf1ff9 updating from master db9d0b4 added cors support f5627cd modules structure 8d94df0 Remove _VIEW endpoint (#82) a0d9651 Add process queries (#78) 3bde25b [WIP] Change Access Control verification (#80) 9ec35e2 Improvements tests and change endpoint to process view fe75f07 Add Select operation from Views af1b35a updated tests, test db and config d130420 initial access permissions - WIP 00f4271 url based on configs 42327e8 remove cobra override default config code

  • v0.3.5 - released this: 2020-07-28T21:13:44Z

    Last version before joining the repositories to facilitate maintainability and contribution of the project.

    From the next release it will be versioned 1.0

    ref: #361

  • v0.3.4 - released this: 2018-08-13T22:01:26Z


    51b5ee8 fix go version on deploy ffa1ccd add unscape template function (#299) cc17083 added pREST logo on right top readme file (#330) cb2e1b4 Module (#328) 165a472 add ilke operator #324 f2974c3 PREST_PG_URL config var now set automatically when provisioning Postgres (#315) 44f1330 wrong fields at select (#321)

    Docker images

    • docker pull prest/prest:v0.3.4

  • v0.3.3 - released this: 2018-07-10T12:47:44Z


    269e337 postgres.Load isn’t mandatory for all commands (#319)

    Docker images

    • docker pull prest/prest:v0.3.3

  • v0.3.2 - released this: 2018-06-29T18:27:50Z


    3f7e7d9 use vendor path on ldflags (#314) 7987eff BSD Support (#312) a84f612 go version condition on release

    Docker images

    • docker pull prest/prest:v0.3.2

  • v0.3.1 - released this: 2018-06-29T01:18:25Z


    57e7128 enable docker on travis 348be9f change dockerfile to use just the binary because goreleaser already build the binary f59c1e5 remove 1.8 support f749a2c regenerate vendor to fix travis 82c3f54 travis force skip install step b3d22c4 fix travis 26ee174 add goreleaser (#311) cf86960 update all dependencies 6a4c35e update dependencies 9508ffb update dependencies eb190b4 update dependencies 2fce13b update go version in dockerfile 2c3aa74 update dependencies 939fd1a update dependencies d32adb8 update dependencies 30c224f update dependencies 9610184 update dependencies 66ac8d3 update dependencies 3429dab update dependencies 071c29d update dependencies 59c6cb3 update dependencies 2e9d70e Add CodeTriage badge to prest/prest (#270) 3d3c82c update dependencies 7e37aa7 update deps dd46f78 update dependencies 472fd8e update dependencies 0781484 Readme: Minor fix for brackets (#264) f78a427 update dependencies 87b2c78 update dependencies 2138c46 update dependencies 79bcb48 Merge pull request #255 from cassiobotaro/multi_stage_build 89f6516 flags sugested by @crgimenes 40a1dbc implement multi stage build to reduce image size b43d271 update dependencies 2b451ff update dependencies fe1bc9b update dependencies (#249) ece1306 update dependencies (#242)

    Docker images

    • docker pull prest/prest:v0.3.1

  • v0.3.0 - released this: 2017-10-30T11:50:09Z

    Bug fixed:

    • Enable JWT middleware customization #230
    • CORS not work correctly (Improve support) (BUG FIXED) #219 #208 #181
    • n.Use does not work with a custom middleware #206
    • Keep getting “error”: “sql: statement is closed” #205
    • Table name case sensitive issue #200
    • group by not working, permission crash #198
    • BUG on Windows platform using TOML config files #179
    • Response is not valid when SELECTing from an empty table #173

    New features/improvements

    • Access multiple database #212
    • Restructuring for use of more than one database Adapter (opportunity to create new adapters to other databases, ref: #239 #240) #213
    • SSL connection availability #234
    • Support IS [NOT] {TRUE|FALSE} query operators #222
    • Support Distinct function in query #221
    • Support LIKE operator in query #220
    • Scanner.Scan now return length #214
    • Package is package, software is software #190
      • improve pREST support for use as framework
      • we split the pREST into packages
      • migrate to github organization (maintained by @nuveo)
    • Support group by #153
    • Prepare sql stateament on load #161
    • PREST_CONF must try to loading prest.toml file automatically #186
    • Show SQL Queries when Debug is True #191

  • v0.2.0 - released this: 2017-06-22T18:07:45Z

    Version v0.2 is being generated because we decided to improve the return pREST responses. In previous versions, we used pREST to handle the responses, but in the current version PostgreSQL will be used instead (through json_agg function). And in the body of the HTTP request the wrapper called data is no more necessary.

    • Queries with dynamic params #114
    • Insert’s in JSON field not work #133
    • File configurator (prest.toml) is mandatory #138
    • Prevents multiple startup when the pREST is used as a package #139
    • Support array fields on request #140
    • Standardize the signatures of CRUD functions #142
    • Remove from request body the field data around content #145
    • Disable JWT on debug mode #147
    • Using json_agg to improve the return of json #157

    Docker image: nuveo/prest:0.2

  • v0.1.7 - released this: 2017-05-06T01:43:07Z

    • Xml renderer support #129
    • Better errors messages #130
    • Refactoring to prevent multiple configuration loads #131
    • Remove prepare from queries scripts #134
    • fix config propagate for all commands #136
    • Improve error return #137

  • v0.1.6 - released this: 2017-03-21T20:28:17Z

    • Fixed bug close database conection (memory leak) ref #126 #128 Used @stackimpact for profiling

  • v0.1.5 - released this: 2017-03-18T01:03:42Z

    • Fixed memory leak on queries processing #126 ec5e79c2-0a80-11e7-8ae5-681c726fdb42

  • v0.1.4 - released this: 2017-03-11T13:20:38Z

  • v0.1.3 - released this: 2017-03-07T17:37:27Z

    • enable add custom middleware #117
    • Possibility of reorder middlewares when execute pREST as a module #119
    • remove 1 recovery and add logger #121
    • Custom routes stopped working #122 (BUG FIXED)

  • v0.1.2 - released this: 2017-02-26T14:52:39Z

    New features:

    • Create modules
    • CORS support

    Fixed and new feature

    • #95
    • #100
    • #101
    • #102
    • #104
    • #108
    • #109
    • #110
    • #111


  • v0.1.1 - released this: 2017-02-07T22:15:04Z

    Bug fix and improve with connection to PostgreSQL in testing:

  • v0.1 - released this: 2017-02-01T23:45:23Z

    First stable version of pREST, the structure with the basic query support via query string and some resources for more complex queries.


    • Migration
    • Query Operators
    • Order by
    • Join
    • Views
    • Queries
    • Permissions (Restrict mode)

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