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Welcome to the documentation for pRESTd, an open-source API designed to facilitate the development of products with SQL databases, focusing primarily on PostgreSQL.

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pRESTd is a powerful and flexible open-source RESTful API created to simplify the management of SQL databases, tailored explicitly for PostgreSQL. Whether you're a developer working on a small project or part of a large enterprise, our API aims to enhance your experience by providing a seamless interface for database operations.

How pREST Can Help

  • Simplified Database Operations: Perform everyday database tasks efficiently, reducing the complexity of SQL interactions.

  • Efficient Data Management: Streamline data handling processes, making it more convenient for developers and organizations to manage their information.

  • Enhanced Security: Leverage built-in security features to ensure your database operations are robust and secure.

  • Scalability: Designed to scale with your needs, pRESTd can adapt to the requirements of varying-size projects.

  • Open Source and Community-Driven: Benefit from the collaborative efforts of a vibrant open-source community. Contribute, report issues, and participate in shaping the project's future.


1. Easy Integration

pRESTd offers a simple integration process. Developers can quickly incorporate the API into their projects or databases, drastically reducing the development time of any product.

All you need to start is a new or old SQL database and inject its credentials as a configuration environment variable, and then you have a production-ready RESTful API out of the box.

2. Comprehensive Documentation

Our extensive documentation provides detailed information on how to use and configure pRESTd. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a beginner, you'll find the resources you need to get started.

3. Flexible Querying

Perform complex SQL queries with ease using pRESTd. The API is designed to handle a variety of queries, allowing you to interact with your PostgreSQL database in a way that suits your needs.

4. Customization

Bring your custom code, SQL queries, and middlewares to pRESTd; it is fully extensible to your needs.

5. Security Features

We prioritize the security of your data. pRESTd includes features to help safeguard your database, including encryption and access control mechanisms.

Getting Started

Start with pRESTd by following our Get Started Guide. This guide will walk you through the installation process and provide a simple example to demonstrate basic functionality.


Fine-tune pRESTd to meet your specific requirements with our Configuration Guide. This guide details the available configuration options and how to customize the API to suit your needs.


pRESTd is a community-driven project, and we welcome contributions from developers of all skill levels. Check out our Contributing Guidelines to learn how you can get involved in the development process.


pRESTd is released under the MIT license. See the License section for more information on the terms of use.

Thank you for choosing pREST! If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact our GitHub discussions or our discord server or file an issue on GitHub.

Happy coding!

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