pRESTd Key Features

Unlock the Power of pREST: Key Features for Exposing a RESTful API with PostgreSQL


Welcome to the comprehensive documentation for pREST, the cutting-edge open-source tool designed to effortlessly expose a RESTful API for PostgreSQL databases. Dive into the key features that make pREST a robust and versatile solution for developers and database administrators.

Automatic API Generation: Streamlined Development

Discover the convenience of automatic API generation with pREST. By intelligently adapting to the structure of your PostgreSQL database, pREST eliminates the need for manual endpoint definition, ensuring a dynamic and streamlined development process.

CRUD Operations Support: Simplifying Data Management

Simplify data management with pREST's support for standard CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete). Perform these operations seamlessly on your PostgreSQL database using familiar HTTP methods, providing an intuitive way to interact with your data.

Authentication and Authorization: Robust Security Measures

Ensure the security of your exposed API with pREST's robust authentication and authorization mechanisms. Take control of access to your API, defining specific permissions for different database operations to enhance data security.

PostgreSQL Integration: Unleashing the Power of PostgreSQL

Tailored for PostgreSQL databases, pREST seamlessly integrates with the advanced features of PostgreSQL. Experience a reliable and efficient solution for exposing database resources as a RESTful API, harnessing the full power of your PostgreSQL environment.

Flexible Querying: Tailor Your Data Retrieval

Enjoy the flexibility of querying data with the pREST API. Leverage query parameters to filter, sort, and paginate through your data, providing a robust and customized mechanism for data retrieval.

Schema-less JSON Support: Dynamic Data Handling

Empower your application with pREST's support for schema-less JSON data. Work dynamically with JSON data structures, ideal for scenarios where data structures may vary.

Customizable Endpoints: Tailor the API to Your Needs

While pREST automatically generates endpoints based on the database schema, it offers customization options. Configure and customize specific aspects of the API to align it perfectly with your application's requirements.

Easy Setup and Deployment: Seamless Integration

Experience the simplicity of setting up and deploying pREST. Designed for ease of use, pREST minimizes the need for extensive configuration or manual coding, providing a quick and straightforward solution for exposing a PostgreSQL database as a RESTful API.

Community and Open Source: Join the pREST Movement

Become part of the pREST community – a thriving open-source ecosystem of contributors and users. Engage with the community for support, knowledge-sharing, and active participation in the continuous development of this innovative project.

For more in-depth information, detailed guides, and the latest updates, explore the official pREST documentation and our discord server.

Thank you for choosing pREST to unlock the full potential of your RESTful API with PostgreSQL!

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